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who we are

“We are a team of compliance professionals, seasoned software developers, established academics and expert contributors bringing innovative automated monitoring solutions to the regulatory compliance space”.

“We are a team of compliance professionals, seasoned software developers, established academics and expert contributors bringing innovative automated monitoring solutions to the regulatory compliance space”.

The rapid pace of innovation and technological change characterises today’s business climate. Big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology etc. – all of which are changing how organisations deliver goods, how they operate internally, and the very essence of their products and services. Opportunity is substantial, and there is optimism about global economic growth. However, with that rapid innovation and growth comes a more expansive and dynamic risk universe, including greater regulatory risk.

Technology is a primary means by which compliance functions can get ahead of these new threat sources, yet most companies lack the more-sophisticated infrastructure required to support a modern compliance function. Compliance officers often struggle with technology that does not fully meet their needs. Finding resources with the right skill sets is also challenging—particularly because workers increasingly require an understanding of technology, the business and compliance. Nonetheless, with multiple new, highly-motivated watchdogs now providing their own forms of oversight, the case for strengthening compliance risk management through technology is strong.

Organisational attributes such as being innovative and building a strong risk culture are certainly important. Leaders differ substantially from their peers in many of the operational aspects of compliance risk management – from monitoring to policy management, to compliance training, to communication. Those differences dovetail into a common theme: Leaders take a more-comprehensive and current approach to compliance risk management as enabled by technology. In an environment with ever-changing threats, perpetually re-scoping compliance focus and keeping compliance policies and activities up-to-date are paramount and made much easier with the aid of technology. Leading businesses today have no other alternative than to execute their  compliance risk management activities differently—and all of them involve technology. 

            Companies need to:

  1. Invest in tech-enabled infrastructure to support a modern, data-driven compliance function
  2. Increase compliance-monitoring effectiveness through analytics and the use of technology
  3. Streamline policy management to increase responsiveness and boost policy and procedure effectiveness
  4. Take advantage of information and technology to provide targeted, engaging, and up-to-date compliance skill building amongst its workforce.

Authorities recognise that the ever increasing rate of global delivery and technological change brings with it new regulatory compliance challenges which must be addressed. Technological change also offers opportunities that could facilitate and simplify both operators’ compliance efforts and reporting. The implementation of Automated Reporting Platforms are being considered or endorsed to continue to improve on and simplify reporting processes by leveraging technology to further drive benefits to the industry in general, as well as to individual organisations.

In today’s high-stake environment, it’s not about checking the box on compliance requirements. It’s about focusing on the spirit of regulations and, more broadly, about what’s right for customers and communities. That threshold requires a different mind-set: one that embraces compliance from the senior most executives through to the front line. A strong strategic foundation — enabled by compliance technology and talent is more critical than ever in building programs that boost the value that compliance brings, in managing risks stemming from the organization’s strategic objectives and in driving cost-effective compliance.

Technology supported regulatory compliance systems will grow in importance and scope, where the monitoring processes and resources available today are certainly not enough.


RegTech Partners aim to attain excellence and deliver superior products and services to a wide network of clients and collaborators. It will nurture partnerships with reputable and knowledgeable partners to validate their products to ensure that it continues offering an ever increasing number of high value-adding solutions to the regulatory compliance industry. It will seek endorsement from authorities and the regulatory compliance community at large, who could eventually become the evangelists for the brand.

We are confident that the users of this platform will be able to attain more of a balance between the regulatory compliance efforts and business growth. This can be done through a wide ranging process; one which offers real-time 24×7 transaction and behavioural monitors, but also providing very robust reporting and predictive analytics and insights to support companies fulfil their regulatory compliance obligations and consequently, their business’ needs. More importantly, we will gauge our achievement through the success of our products in cleaning up the dirty business of money laundering and mitigate risk on an international scale.